Sunday, October 18, 2009

Been a while since I updated

I honestly don't know what to do...

At this moment right now my school piles up on me like I'm about to fall over...lots of my favorite manga/anime is totally going down the drain.

Himaruya said the upcoming Shotalia's gonna be on the Thirty Years War. Boy, I could have used that strip a long time ago...

Too late. Now I risk failing.

I think my friends are also getting kinda reclusive, especially when I'm not talking to them face-to-face. It's really very sad. I wish I could webcam, but they might not even answer me. I also have a tendency to be the most annoying and all "hey hey hey hey let's talk now now now" whenever it turns out said friend is going through a hard time.

I'm such a failure, right?

I can't see where I'm going anymore.

I need serious help.

Or I'll fall down the drain.

Right now I'm on Axis Powers Hetalia. It's a very, very funny webcomic, but...but it kinda makes me sad. The political relations we have. And how totally pathetic my own country can be.

By "my own country" I mean both America and Korea.

Especially Korea. The fact they banned Hetalia just proves that they have too much damn pride. They can't stand any blows to their ego...even though the Photoshopping and insults came from Korea itself (the strip was made to insult Japan not Korea...) And all of the countries are mocked, too. Italy especially. And reception for APH is great in Italy!

...And some of the stuff Himaruya said is true, for instance Korea does claim to have invented a lot of stuff it hasn't...Like sushi. Seriously. Sushi.


If I go to a Korean karaoke place, it will have Haruhi songs. It will even have Dondake Fanfare from Lucky*Star. But it will never, ever have the Oishii*Tomato no Uta or Maru Kaite Chikyuu. All because of stupid pride issues.

I'm sorry, I'm just in a...bleh mood right now...

...I need help. I wanna talk to someone, I just...ugh.