Friday, July 10, 2009

What will happen...

Okay, so I'm not going to act all Emerson on you, and I'm most definitely not going to publish a book on this. But I decided to write something on:

What will happen in Haruhi novel 10?

I only have a few clues. But I'm gonna try my best. Percentages are counted by approximate facts given in the other novels, as well as probability rules based on whether certain events take place or not. Yes, I'm using a calculator.

1. Haruhi will find out her identity and/or the identities of the others in her group.
It might happen, it might. It all depends on how things turn out, what with Yuki's illness, etc. etc.
But the novel is called The Astonishment of Suzumiya Haruhi (涼宮ハルヒの驚愕, Suzumiya Haruhi no Kyogaku), and so Haruhi certainly has to be astonished about something. It's the last novel in the group, and so if Haruhi's ever gonna find out, it has to be now.
Chances of happening: 75%

2. Kyon will tell Haruhi that he is John Smith.
This is especially likely if #1 happens. Given the way Yuki's illness is, this might be the "desperate situation" that is going to happen. Besides, Tanigawa-sensei had to give Kyon the option of having a "trump card" for some reason besides YukiKyon implications.
Chances of happening: 72.5%

3. We will see Itsuki's "true nature".
Quite likely if #1 happens, very unlikely if it doesn't (because he'll have no reason to act normal in that case).
Chances of happening: 58.75%

4. We will see a slider.
Given how the plot split into "alpha" and "beta" in novel 9, it's probably going to happen, but then again, it might not. We really don't know...However, if there IS a slider, it's probably going to be the girl on the phone and/or the girl who was really interested in the SOS Brigade during Haruhi's "examination"...
Chances of happening: 50%

5, Haruhi will be victorious.
It's called the Suzumiya Haruhi series. Not the Sasaki series...
However, if Haruhi finds out her identity, it's possible she may make the choice to bequeath her own powers to Sasaki, so you never know.
Chances of happening: 65%

6. Sasaki will be victorious.

Logically, Sasaki should get Haruhi's powers; it's just that Kyon (and fan-Haruhiists) will have bias towards Haruhi just because they knew her first. But like I said, Haruhi might give up her powers to Sasaki willingly.
Chances of happening: 35%

7. Kyon will become an esper.

Just something I thought of on a whim by reading novel 7. It's a joke, a joke. I'm sure Kyon was being right when he said he didn't want to take up Itsuki's offer, so yeah.
Chances of happening: 5%

8. Mikuru will have to return to the future.
The chance increases if Haruhi finds out her identity. However, then again, she still hasn't solved the time-plane case...but then maybe they'll find the answer? I dunno.
Chances of happening: 55%

9. By the time the novel ends, the SOS Brigade will continue to have an "exciting" life, with no real conclusion.
This is in Tanigawa-sensei's style. Besides, even if Haruhi does give up her powers...well, she's still Haruhi. Even if she has found an alien, time traveler, esper, John Smith, and (possibly) a slider..
Chances of happening: 75%

10. Haruhi and Kyon will get together.
Low. Even if Haruhi finds out that Kyon is John Smith, that doesn't mean she loves him. Kyon has said she doesn't love Haruhi, and he doesn't seem the type to go in denial. Besides, Haruhi's discovery that Kyon is John Smith may even lead to her realizing that him being that way was the only reason she "chose" him (fangirlish, I know, but it's still logical)...
Chances of happening: 25%

11. Haruhi and Itsuki will get together.

Also low, but higher than HaruKyon. Given the Disappearance arc, especially if Itsuki reveals his true side, he may end up with feelings for Haruhi. But again, this is fangirlism.
Chances of happening: 27.625%

12. Kyon and Yuki will get together.
Likelier than ItsuHaru, but still low. Chance increases if Haruhi finds out John Smith's identity and realizes why she liked him in the first place...But there's a problem of interbreeding...But it was HINTED...argh...
Chances of happening: 43.75%

13. Kyon and Itsuki will get together.
It's fangirlism, and Kyon said he was a normal heterosexual male...
Chances of happening: 0.000000000001%

14. Haruhi and (insert female) will get together.
I'm not even gonna bother...
Chances of happening: 0.000000000001%

15. Yuki's illness is caused by something a little more than the Snow Mountain incident.
To be honest, I dunno. This could have been Suou Kuyoh's only way to communicate with her.
Chances of happening: 50%

16. Yuki will receive character development and become more "human-like" in personality.
Yuki is Tanigawa-sensei's favorite character. Plus, he did say she had potential for development...And not only that, but her illness gives her more excuse to develop!
Chances of happening: 95%

17. There won't even be a tenth novel.
Tanigawa-sensei loves this series too much, all the fans would be too outraged, it would be a waste of money booking that ISBN number (which, by the way, is 978-4-04-429210-8), and they wouldn't have wasted their time actually staying alive and informing us every year that it would be POSTPONED, not canceled.
Chances of happening: 25%

All percentages are numerically calculated and are not influenced at all by any fangirlish tendencies I may have. The blurbs, however, are just my personal opinion. A certain percentage does not necessarily mean something will or will not happen, so if something with a really high percentage comes up and it doesn't come true, don't come flaming me.

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Akai said...

Honestly, I don't see anyone hooking up with anyone else any time soon. It's a sci-fi/adventure novel, really, not a romance story.

And novel 10 MUST come out. Or else. -Reserves a plane ticket to Japan-