Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haircuts and braces

Firstly, I got a haircut. It's not short, but it's not long either. Sorta long-ish. I can no longer tie a dignified ponytail, much less an Aster-ponytail, which is disappointing...Imagine if you were Haruhi...no, Haruhi doesn't like her ponytail...okay, how about Kyon...well, Kyon can't wear a ponytail...okay, imagine you were Kyonko...

Okay, I'm taking this a bit far.

Anyway, I also got braces today, which is sorta weird given that it's a bit late for me to get braces now. I should have gotten them way back in middle school...but oh well.

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Akai said...

Yay, a haircut! I need to get one too, my bangs are getting as almost as long as Ritsu's. Oh wait, you don't watch K-ON!...erm, my bangs are long enough to cover my eyes and make me scream because they get irritating at times.

Braces! Lulz. I have retainers, and they're the invisible kinds. Owned.