Saturday, July 4, 2009



This is all chocoemo's idea.

None of this is actually biological. It's all hypothetical...but whatever...

Insane crazy housemates: Akai-Kurenai, chrystalclear
Uncle: Lord Pata
Aunt: CherrygirlUK (no relation to the former)
Strange bunny under my bed: Hedgi
Imouto/little sister: Catching Rain
Onee/older sister: SugarSpiral
The box that drops in occasionally to say hi: emotionless-robot
Conspiracy theorist on TV: Sonfaro
Neighbor: Potgenie
Bartender: Lady Lilane
Landlord: Jaeda star
Private snoop: Expired in Goreville
The one behind my refrigerator: smile-in-ur-sleep
Alter ego: AsterOfTheMoon
Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society members: See the Society Archive.

The people around me
The Haruhi Fangirls: Akai-Kurenai, PrincessJaded, myself
The Otakus: chrystalclear, myself, Akai-Kurenai
The Numbnuts (bet you can't guess the anime reference): SugarSpiral, emotionless-robot, nina-neko
The Three Caballera-Fangirls: PrincessJaded, Potgenie, SugarSpiral

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Akai said...

Oh, yes. The "numbnuts". Though, I prefer to call them the "bonkuras". It's a little remnant of the old Japanese-addict in me. Back in sixth grade, I used to say "nani" and "kawaii" all the time. -Facepalm-

Crazy housemate, eh? Huh. If we ever go to the same college, I'm remembering that comment when we sign up for dorms. JUST KIDDING. (:

I must be a loser, because I don't know enough people that well to do this kind of list. ;-;