Saturday, June 13, 2009

메이플스토리 Craze

...You know what, forget everything I said about Ether Saga.

I played it for a while and realized that it was rather stupid. I mean, as soon as you finish all of the beginner quests...there's nothing to do. It's boring. So I uninstalled it.

...Then I got back onto MapleStory...(Akai, this is YOUR FAULT!) After watching Akai's wedding, I started to play around. I started last Wednesday. Today is Saturday. In only four days, I have gotten to level 19 (and I'm a good deal through that level too)...

I dunno if it's because it's the 4th anniversary and there is a higher rate of EXP, or if I have an advantage because I've actually played this before. Or both.

I hope I can become a cleric with my new character soon, before the EXP rate goes down again. I am doing quests like a madwoman. (That is, all the quests within my ability.) I went into the ant tunnels with a party and we kicked ass. (Well, actually, they kicked ass. I was relying on the clerics to keep me alive.) Twice, in fact.

Man~, it's been three years since I've played MapleStory. Back then, I only got so far level-wise. I can't believe they added Pirate as a job now!

...I'm still a mage though.

Also, Akai's thinking of training me, and making me her junior. I'm quite looking forward to that xD

One thing I love about MapleStory is how fast you can make money. Just went on a shopping splurge? Don't care. :-)

Can't wait to become a cleric and be able to heal. Man, that'll be FUN.

And yes, you do have every right to call me a n00b. I have done everything to deserve it.


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Anonymous said...

This is Akai.

Lulz, level 19 in 4 days is good, but not awesome. There's people that have gone all the way to second job in less time.

But yes, I'm looking forward to you being a cleric too. :D