Sunday, October 18, 2009

Been a while since I updated

I honestly don't know what to do...

At this moment right now my school piles up on me like I'm about to fall over...lots of my favorite manga/anime is totally going down the drain.

Himaruya said the upcoming Shotalia's gonna be on the Thirty Years War. Boy, I could have used that strip a long time ago...

Too late. Now I risk failing.

I think my friends are also getting kinda reclusive, especially when I'm not talking to them face-to-face. It's really very sad. I wish I could webcam, but they might not even answer me. I also have a tendency to be the most annoying and all "hey hey hey hey let's talk now now now" whenever it turns out said friend is going through a hard time.

I'm such a failure, right?

I can't see where I'm going anymore.

I need serious help.

Or I'll fall down the drain.

Right now I'm on Axis Powers Hetalia. It's a very, very funny webcomic, but...but it kinda makes me sad. The political relations we have. And how totally pathetic my own country can be.

By "my own country" I mean both America and Korea.

Especially Korea. The fact they banned Hetalia just proves that they have too much damn pride. They can't stand any blows to their ego...even though the Photoshopping and insults came from Korea itself (the strip was made to insult Japan not Korea...) And all of the countries are mocked, too. Italy especially. And reception for APH is great in Italy!

...And some of the stuff Himaruya said is true, for instance Korea does claim to have invented a lot of stuff it hasn't...Like sushi. Seriously. Sushi.


If I go to a Korean karaoke place, it will have Haruhi songs. It will even have Dondake Fanfare from Lucky*Star. But it will never, ever have the Oishii*Tomato no Uta or Maru Kaite Chikyuu. All because of stupid pride issues.

I'm sorry, I'm just in a...bleh mood right now...

...I need help. I wanna talk to someone, I just...ugh.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some stuff about K-ON!

So, finally, after seeing pretty much Akai's millionth rant about K-ON! (she's been doing this to me outside devART, too) along with Chrys's insistence, I finally caved and started into K-ON!.

However, I refuse to watch the anime or hear the character songs until I finish the manga, so it miiiiight take a while. Might.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bouken Desho Desho?...DUET? O.o

Well, Aya's easy to hear in this one, Kageyama sings *really softly* in the video, you just have to get used to all her harmonies.

But I wish she'd have that voice all the time. It's totally free of forced vibrato or off-keyness. She had a really good voice there...:'-(

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haircuts and braces

Firstly, I got a haircut. It's not short, but it's not long either. Sorta long-ish. I can no longer tie a dignified ponytail, much less an Aster-ponytail, which is disappointing...Imagine if you were, Haruhi doesn't like her ponytail...okay, how about Kyon...well, Kyon can't wear a ponytail...okay, imagine you were Kyonko...

Okay, I'm taking this a bit far.

Anyway, I also got braces today, which is sorta weird given that it's a bit late for me to get braces now. I should have gotten them way back in middle school...but oh well.

Friday, July 10, 2009

What will happen...

Okay, so I'm not going to act all Emerson on you, and I'm most definitely not going to publish a book on this. But I decided to write something on:

What will happen in Haruhi novel 10?

I only have a few clues. But I'm gonna try my best. Percentages are counted by approximate facts given in the other novels, as well as probability rules based on whether certain events take place or not. Yes, I'm using a calculator.

1. Haruhi will find out her identity and/or the identities of the others in her group.
It might happen, it might. It all depends on how things turn out, what with Yuki's illness, etc. etc.
But the novel is called The Astonishment of Suzumiya Haruhi (涼宮ハルヒの驚愕, Suzumiya Haruhi no Kyogaku), and so Haruhi certainly has to be astonished about something. It's the last novel in the group, and so if Haruhi's ever gonna find out, it has to be now.
Chances of happening: 75%

2. Kyon will tell Haruhi that he is John Smith.
This is especially likely if #1 happens. Given the way Yuki's illness is, this might be the "desperate situation" that is going to happen. Besides, Tanigawa-sensei had to give Kyon the option of having a "trump card" for some reason besides YukiKyon implications.
Chances of happening: 72.5%

3. We will see Itsuki's "true nature".
Quite likely if #1 happens, very unlikely if it doesn't (because he'll have no reason to act normal in that case).
Chances of happening: 58.75%

4. We will see a slider.
Given how the plot split into "alpha" and "beta" in novel 9, it's probably going to happen, but then again, it might not. We really don't know...However, if there IS a slider, it's probably going to be the girl on the phone and/or the girl who was really interested in the SOS Brigade during Haruhi's "examination"...
Chances of happening: 50%

5, Haruhi will be victorious.
It's called the Suzumiya Haruhi series. Not the Sasaki series...
However, if Haruhi finds out her identity, it's possible she may make the choice to bequeath her own powers to Sasaki, so you never know.
Chances of happening: 65%

6. Sasaki will be victorious.

Logically, Sasaki should get Haruhi's powers; it's just that Kyon (and fan-Haruhiists) will have bias towards Haruhi just because they knew her first. But like I said, Haruhi might give up her powers to Sasaki willingly.
Chances of happening: 35%

7. Kyon will become an esper.

Just something I thought of on a whim by reading novel 7. It's a joke, a joke. I'm sure Kyon was being right when he said he didn't want to take up Itsuki's offer, so yeah.
Chances of happening: 5%

8. Mikuru will have to return to the future.
The chance increases if Haruhi finds out her identity. However, then again, she still hasn't solved the time-plane case...but then maybe they'll find the answer? I dunno.
Chances of happening: 55%

9. By the time the novel ends, the SOS Brigade will continue to have an "exciting" life, with no real conclusion.
This is in Tanigawa-sensei's style. Besides, even if Haruhi does give up her powers...well, she's still Haruhi. Even if she has found an alien, time traveler, esper, John Smith, and (possibly) a slider..
Chances of happening: 75%

10. Haruhi and Kyon will get together.
Low. Even if Haruhi finds out that Kyon is John Smith, that doesn't mean she loves him. Kyon has said she doesn't love Haruhi, and he doesn't seem the type to go in denial. Besides, Haruhi's discovery that Kyon is John Smith may even lead to her realizing that him being that way was the only reason she "chose" him (fangirlish, I know, but it's still logical)...
Chances of happening: 25%

11. Haruhi and Itsuki will get together.

Also low, but higher than HaruKyon. Given the Disappearance arc, especially if Itsuki reveals his true side, he may end up with feelings for Haruhi. But again, this is fangirlism.
Chances of happening: 27.625%

12. Kyon and Yuki will get together.
Likelier than ItsuHaru, but still low. Chance increases if Haruhi finds out John Smith's identity and realizes why she liked him in the first place...But there's a problem of interbreeding...But it was HINTED...argh...
Chances of happening: 43.75%

13. Kyon and Itsuki will get together.
It's fangirlism, and Kyon said he was a normal heterosexual male...
Chances of happening: 0.000000000001%

14. Haruhi and (insert female) will get together.
I'm not even gonna bother...
Chances of happening: 0.000000000001%

15. Yuki's illness is caused by something a little more than the Snow Mountain incident.
To be honest, I dunno. This could have been Suou Kuyoh's only way to communicate with her.
Chances of happening: 50%

16. Yuki will receive character development and become more "human-like" in personality.
Yuki is Tanigawa-sensei's favorite character. Plus, he did say she had potential for development...And not only that, but her illness gives her more excuse to develop!
Chances of happening: 95%

17. There won't even be a tenth novel.
Tanigawa-sensei loves this series too much, all the fans would be too outraged, it would be a waste of money booking that ISBN number (which, by the way, is 978-4-04-429210-8), and they wouldn't have wasted their time actually staying alive and informing us every year that it would be POSTPONED, not canceled.
Chances of happening: 25%

All percentages are numerically calculated and are not influenced at all by any fangirlish tendencies I may have. The blurbs, however, are just my personal opinion. A certain percentage does not necessarily mean something will or will not happen, so if something with a really high percentage comes up and it doesn't come true, don't come flaming me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wha? Saikyou Pare Parade translation?

Courtesy of SuperNekoCat on YouTube. This took forever to write. It's also one of the most difficult things to find on the 'net. I made a few edits to make it flow better.

Now presenting...Saikyou Pare Parade in English and romaji. This is for you, Akai.

imaya saikyou pare parade
tsumari saikou HAPI HAPPII
minna zenshin pare parade
tsumari koushin HAPI HAPPII

Now the strongest pare-parade
That's to say, the highest 'Happy Happy
Everyone move forward, pare-parade
Or, go marching, Happy Happy!

mirai uchuu touzen yo!

Future? Space? Absolutely!

nanimo kamoga futsuu nara
watashi tachi ga atsumaruhi tsuzensei
dai na shine

If everything is normal
There'd be no reason for us to gather
Who would have thought?

dare mo kare mo kizukanai
fushigi himitsu atsumetera
ijigensae kouen na no yo

The mystery and secret that no one
Will notice if we bring them togethe
Even different dimesnions will be our garden

SOMEDAY kanae taito
ONE DAY negatta nara
sore wa jitsu ni subarashiku omoi toori BURABOO

If you want your dream to come true someday
If you wish one day, that will be truly wonderful,
And things will go as planned, bravo!

ashita mo kyou mo wakannai
dakara omoshiroi wa
itsudemo omitooshi nante taikutsu yo
doushite ochikonderu no
bouken tarinain ja nai
atsumarou yabou ni michi ta SUTOORII

We don't know about today or tomorrow
That's why it's so interesting
It'd be boring if we always knew all of it
Why are you depressed?
Are you short of adventure?
Let's team up - a story full of amibtion!

imaya saikyou pare parade
tsumari saikou HAPI HAPPII
minna kyouran pare parade
monku aruno touzen yo

Now the strongest pare-parade
That's to say, the highest 'Happy Happy'
Everyone's in a frenzy, pare-parade
Any complaints? That's perfectly natural!

futsuu bonjin matane!

Ordinary men, regular people? Bye!

hitori hitori chigaukara
watashi tachi ni kakawari naku nakutemo iinjanai

Everyone's different, so
If you don't feel like getting involved with us, it doesn't matter

osoru osoru chikazuite
makikomare tanantene
gokarakouki kyakkasuru wa yo

Even if you fearfully approach
And get involved in it
We don't accept any complaints afterwards

SOMETHING tokubetsu ni wa kitto ryuuga aru no nara
sore wo sagurimashou yowaki shiraji no CHARENJU

If something special has any possible reason
Let us discover it, a challenge without any timidity!

Live A Live!
jinsei nante ooini kaerareru wa
souyo mukigane 90 (kyuuyuu) do maware bachigaushi

Live A Live!
A life can be greatly changed
That's right, even if you make a 90-degree turn, things look different

nande kangae sugite
yuuutsu kakaechau no sa yameyouyo
kibou wa motto KUREIJII

Why do you think too much
And suffer from melancholy? Don't do it!
A hope should be more crazy

yume wa daitan GURE GUREEDO
tamane mousou yaba yabai

minna tensai hare hareito

Having a bold dream, gre-great
Sometimes having daydreams is not safe...
Everyone's a genius, hale-halate (?)

odori kimete mou ikkai!

Finish the dance; one more time!

POOZU kore yo!

This is the pose!

SOMEDAY mune no naka de
ONE DAY chikatte mite

sore ga jitsuni subarashiku
omoi toori BURABOO!

Someday, in your heart
One day, vow to yourself
That will be truly amazing
And things will go as planned, bravo!



ashita mo kyou mo wakannai

dakara omoshiroi wa
itsudemo omitooshi nante taikutsu yo

We don't know about today or tomorrow
That's why it's so interesting
It'd be boring if we always knew about all of it

Live A Live!

jinsei nante ooini kaeraneru no yo atsumarou
yabou ni michita SUTOORII

Live A Live!
A life can be greatly changed, let's team up!
A story fulled of ambition!

imaya saikyou pare parade
tsumari saikou HAPI HAPPII
minna kyouran pare parade

Now the strongest pare-parade
That's to say, the highest 'Happy Happy'
Everyone's in a frenzy, pare-parade

monku aruno touzen yo!

Any complaints? That's perfectly natural!

yume wa daitan GURE GUREEDO
tamane mousou yaba yabai

minna tensai hare hareito

Having a bold dream, gre-great
Sometimes having daydreams is not safe...
Everyone's a genius, hale-halate (?)

odori kimete mou ikkai!

Finish the dance; one more time!

Saturday, July 4, 2009



This is all chocoemo's idea.

None of this is actually biological. It's all hypothetical...but whatever...

Insane crazy housemates: Akai-Kurenai, chrystalclear
Uncle: Lord Pata
Aunt: CherrygirlUK (no relation to the former)
Strange bunny under my bed: Hedgi
Imouto/little sister: Catching Rain
Onee/older sister: SugarSpiral
The box that drops in occasionally to say hi: emotionless-robot
Conspiracy theorist on TV: Sonfaro
Neighbor: Potgenie
Bartender: Lady Lilane
Landlord: Jaeda star
Private snoop: Expired in Goreville
The one behind my refrigerator: smile-in-ur-sleep
Alter ego: AsterOfTheMoon
Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society members: See the Society Archive.

The people around me
The Haruhi Fangirls: Akai-Kurenai, PrincessJaded, myself
The Otakus: chrystalclear, myself, Akai-Kurenai
The Numbnuts (bet you can't guess the anime reference): SugarSpiral, emotionless-robot, nina-neko
The Three Caballera-Fangirls: PrincessJaded, Potgenie, SugarSpiral

Sunday, June 21, 2009


It took about a week and a half, but I made it!

I am now a cleric.

I spent my first point on Heal (it's probably worth it, even if I can't attack with it I still save money on HP pots and seriously, I don't need Teleport).

Me iz happy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MapleStory and Maximum Ride

I am so pissed. I'm locked out of MS until 4:00. I really need to become a cleric.

But on a brighter note...

MangaFox finally added the Maximum Ride manga. Okay, so it is copyright infringement, but MangaFox does that pretty much all the time.

It was quite an interesting thing to read, although you do sort of have to have a bit of background information (like Max gives in the book series) in order to understand. It's also not right-to-left, which kinda makes me confuzzled a lot of times xD

I'm waiting for more to be posted. Until then...I hope the movie isn't crap.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

메이플스토리 Craze

...You know what, forget everything I said about Ether Saga.

I played it for a while and realized that it was rather stupid. I mean, as soon as you finish all of the beginner quests...there's nothing to do. It's boring. So I uninstalled it.

...Then I got back onto MapleStory...(Akai, this is YOUR FAULT!) After watching Akai's wedding, I started to play around. I started last Wednesday. Today is Saturday. In only four days, I have gotten to level 19 (and I'm a good deal through that level too)...

I dunno if it's because it's the 4th anniversary and there is a higher rate of EXP, or if I have an advantage because I've actually played this before. Or both.

I hope I can become a cleric with my new character soon, before the EXP rate goes down again. I am doing quests like a madwoman. (That is, all the quests within my ability.) I went into the ant tunnels with a party and we kicked ass. (Well, actually, they kicked ass. I was relying on the clerics to keep me alive.) Twice, in fact.

Man~, it's been three years since I've played MapleStory. Back then, I only got so far level-wise. I can't believe they added Pirate as a job now!

...I'm still a mage though.

Also, Akai's thinking of training me, and making me her junior. I'm quite looking forward to that xD

One thing I love about MapleStory is how fast you can make money. Just went on a shopping splurge? Don't care. :-)

Can't wait to become a cleric and be able to heal. Man, that'll be FUN.

And yes, you do have every right to call me a n00b. I have done everything to deserve it.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Game review...? MMORPG Ether Saga

Meh, haven't updated in a while.

So I started playing Ether Saga ( and it's actually quite fun.

It's Chinese made, which pretty much proves my theory that Asians are the ones that actually make pwnsome MMORPG games. (Like, y'know, Nexon making MapleStory. Compare that to the crap game RuneScape is.) I dragged the .exe file into VMware Fusion and started playing (which also proved my theory that VMware is just as fast as a normal PC)...until my parents came home.

It's exasperating to start off as a n00b again, but I'm at level 12 so far after playing only one day and I hope to make that level bigger. Since I was indecisive towards which of the three races I would join, I made three different characters for all three races...I do have a preference for the Shenzu race, and my Shenzu character the only one that actually has level 12 (my Renzu character is level 2, my Yaoh level 1).

The only big issues I have:
1. Yeah, yeah, you tell me I'm the "Chosen One". You know, doesn't that mean there's about a million "Chosen Ones" out there?
2. There's no proper user's manual, so you sort of have to figure things out by yourself. The game's not really fun when you're not doing quests...At least it's not dependent on the Cash Shop as much as MapleStory is, but seriously, is 100 bronze 1 silver?...and how many silver is 1 gold?...I'm how much gold would a new outfit cost, or a new name for my pet...?
3. Do you really even need the pet? I'm surviving fine without it.
4. Even with a lot of money you don't have much of a customization option, so pretty much everyone looks the same. ^.^
5. Thankfully, there is a way to get from here to there without fumbling around with the mouse, trying to find your way and staring at the map. However, it's called "Auto-Route", and while you are impervious to monsters during the ride and you don't have to bother finding your way, you have to sit back and watch your character run for however long it takes to get there. Enjoy the scenery, but boring...It's better than not having it, I guess.
6. It's obviously geared towards females.
7. EXP is hard to keep track of, but considering you get a ton of EXP (hitting thousands) for quests (which are mundanely easy to do), it's not really much.
8. I have absolutely no idea what on earth I'm spending my skill points on...Is this supposed to be good for me?
9. You have to navigate with mouse, not with keyboard. Click, click...
10. It's hard to get around. If you walk off a ledge, it's almost impossible to get back on. There's only one view - at the character - and so you can't precisely see where you're going. I suppose Auto-Route makes up for that.

The graphics are pretty good, better than a lot of 3D MMORPGs I've seen, and the animation is smooth. There's no confusion over what type of person you want to be (i.e. smither, fighter, healer, etc.) because anything besides being a fighter isn't very game-significant. The story adheres well to the plot, although I really could do without all the "OMFG YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE" stuff. Monsters don't attack you unless you attack them, so you can go between cities through swarms of monsters without being afraid of them jumping on you (hint hint zOMG is very bad for your health when you encounter a horde). Quests are very clear about what you're supposed to do, and they even have Auto-Route links so you know where you should go...

I'm gonna have fun.

Friday, May 22, 2009


It's out.

I expect a sharp increase in YukiKyon fans xD

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chrys and I have our own sense of humor.

So, yeah...

I'm a bit of a geek, considering I'm aware of how to program a calculator in TI-BASIC. xD But then I had this absolutely WONDERFUL idea.

So I went up to Chrys, and showed her this program.

Hmm...Already sort of weird. And foreboding. And random. So I told her to push Enter, and she got:

Mm-hm. Anyway, Chrys knows her memes pretty well, so she types:

...But I'm sure she didn't expect this when she pushed Enter.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Digimon Adventure 02 sub 1-50!!!!

Yes, it's been released!

By me!

I did a lot of work to make sure this torrent gets up, and to convert all the files and download them and whatnot. Please and thank you.

Episodes 1-21 are subbed by Wolf Pack Productions. Episodes 22-50 are by Crunchyroll. Please help seed and enjoy~! The format is in .mp4 for iPod and PSP. It's in H.264 format. If you want another format use a converter.

Kyaa~, I love you all.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Me Is Obsessed With Korean Dramas!!!!!

Let's face it. Koreans...suck at trying to draw anime/manwha.

This is why I have suddenly created an addiction to Korean dramas.

While Japan strikes me with their drawing abilities, while Korean dramas have to have the cheesiest, most moronic plots ever, it's SO addicting.

Some of my new favorites:

General Hospital 2 (I never watched Season 1. But I don't care.)
Stairway to Heaven (I watched this a few years ago. It's so typical of amnesia dramas.)
Boys Over Flowers (yes, based on the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango! xD)
Coffee Prince (Akai made me do it.)
Princess Hours (although admittedly, I prefer the manwha, Goong...)
East of Eden (only the last part)

But that's really it...Don't worry. I'm still an anime person...


Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sorry, haven't posted in a while. Since I feel bad...


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poll closed.

The poll on my fanfiction dot net account - it's been closed before I can get a migraine.

The pairing is definitely a Takari. The results seemed to do whatever they could to torture me. 9 Takari, 8 Michi. Michi has a smaller fan base, and so I would feel horrible if it stayed there.

Anyway today the number jumped: 13 Takari 9 Michi. I can't do anything now. Sorry, SugarSpiral.

Maybe I'll squeeze in one tiny hint of Michi...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New blog!

Check my new blog, Rantable Rants, for my rants on anything random, stupid, normal, or just...weird.

Rantable Rants

Sunday, January 25, 2009

2 reviews.

I only got 2 reviews for Trust is Not to be Broken. From the same person. (Not that I'm complaining PrincessJaded!) It's just that I was hoping all the people who reviewed for Never Happened This Way would review this one. I know, I'm selfish. *sob*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sorry for not updating!

I was looking over this blog/note/thingy (because these blog posts go to Facebook too) and I realized I'd uploaded, like, nil. Sorry!

Anyway, I have finals and such so I'll post SOON! Promise! :-)