Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's called EVIDENCE people.

I've gotten the same comment over and over again: Muffin (the dog) belongs to someone else and I've "stolen" him.

See, maybe it would be true if only one of the following applied. But ALL of them...a bit fishy.

1. He had no tag. Even this alone should settle it. You could easily make a tag yourself. Not putting a tag is like saying "Get rid of this dog already!"
2. He was found in a gated community (can't get in or out), wandering around for 2 weeks - and nobody picked him up.
3. We put up Found signs in the area. No claimers.
4. No housetraining.5. No neutering, vaccination, microchip, or tattoo.
6. He has a pathological fear of (we believe) being abandoned. He was fine when being transported between several cars, but once he got into my dad's - and my dad is quite the disciplinarian - he started whining. He stopped as soon as he realized we were at the vet's.
7. He snaps at me when I try to pick him up in a certain spot. Abuse, much?
8. He has no idea how to behave during a walk.
9. Even if someone did pick him up how could we have proof he belongs to the person? He looks like every other shih tzu around! There's nothing defining! He doesn't even have microchip!

You can combat each one of these individually. But you can't combat the fact that it's weird how they're all clumped together in one. Yes there's a chance that he still belongs to someone but there's a higher chance he was abandoned.

ANYWAY...he's a well behaved dog. He understands his limits in the house. He doesn't jump on us. He mostly sleeps. He begs a little, but doesn't go much further. I could go on...

We neutered/vaccinated him the other day. I'm using a cardboard tag. We still need microchip. So far, we housetrained him and taught him to behave in walking. We've also trained him to the bed. Also, he's stopped snapping at me, thank God.He's adorable though. And he's very calm, very behaved, and likes me now (he licked me yesterday! :-D).

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