Friday, October 3, 2008

so SAD...

The conversation I didn't want to go through. Drugs/alcohol.

I'm proud to say that in all 16 years of my life I have not even accidentally touched a drop of alcohol. (This is coming from the girl that thought that soda was bad at the age of 6! Think about how I feel with alcohol.) I haven't done drugs. Don't think I'm just saying that to cover it up, because it's true.

But unfortunately, not everyone is like me.

Nigahiga, #1 comedian on YouTube, consists of Ryan Higa and sometimes his friends Sean and Tim. Ryan and Sean released this video recently, probably their only serious one. It's about the very problem I'm talking about. I know I sound all moralistic...but please, it's very sad, but very motivational. (And no, Sean is not dead.)

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