Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School started today.

Not that I'm happy about it. It's depressing to be a junior. I mean, last year I was a sophomore. High enough to not be a freshman, but low enough to be unnoticed. Now, this year, I'm that close to being a senior.

Two more years, people.

I'm at the dilemma about what I should do after I'm done with my fanfiction after 03 and Continuation is finished. I'm considering writing a few oneshots or so, maybe a few chapter fics (with only three or four chapters, mind you). It depends on how long it takes to finish Continuation.

Or maybe I'll just put myself on hiatus.

I'm seriously considering putting myself on hiatus now, and stopping the posts until Winter Break so I can have a break. I haven't had one since January. I decided I can't quit - it's been too hard of work to be wasted - it just might take a while. I wanted this fic to be finished before January but at this rate I'll be lucky if I finish before June. (That means I can watch the next Harry Potter movie once I'm done...)

Difficult, eh? If only someone competent (and I mean really competent, I'm very picky) could finish the fic for me.

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