Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finished manga mission!

I suppose that I've been driving you guys crazy with my rants about fanfiction and manga and anime. Sorry. So from now on I will tone it down and talk more about my new life as a junior *sob*.

I managed to get Microsoft Office 2008 onto my Mac, by using a crack (which I didn't set up, I downloaded from the Internet, I'm not THAT good of a hacker). I also got Anime Studio and a bunch of other good programs. If only I could do that with my PC...(well technically it's not MINE it belongs to the whole family but you get the point...the Mac is mine though).

The Apple Corporation bought my heart years ago and even now has not given it back.

I don't use the Dashboard very much, surprisingly. But let me tell you something: APPLE SOFTWARE WORKS BETTER ON A MAC THAN A PC. No duh, I know, but it does make a difference. iTunes runs ten times faster and Safari has not let me down yet. (I have Firefox as a backup though.)

Back to reality in the next post!

With love, Aster (that's my new name)!

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