Monday, August 18, 2008

WHAT about me?!?!

Since my last failed attempt to put in an "About Me" section, I decided to create my own thing.

Name: RainbowSprinkle

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Birthday: June 25, 1992

Sign: Cancer

Primary Language: English

Has learned: Spanish, French, Latin (due to the fact that elementary school only teaches Spanish and I had to change schools - twice). I speak NONE of these fluently.

Hometown: New York, NY (Manhattan)

Birthplace: New York, NY (Queens)

I want to live in: San Francisco, CA, with my cousin.

I want to go to: I've already been to both places but I want to go back to Greece and Japan.

My best friend: I'm not going to hurt anyone's feelings. This spot stays blank.

Hobbies: Reading, biking, skiing, watching television/YouTube, writing fanfiction (which I suck at), making art, Photoshopping, playing Gaia Online, playing Marble Blast Gold Demo, and playing on my Mac

Favorite Book: The Lightning Thief

Favorite Anime: Digimon/Wedding Peach

Favorite Manga: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Other books I've read: If I listed them all, Blogger would crash.

Other Anime/Manga: Avatar ( considers this an anime), Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (anime), Hayate the Combat Butler, Wedding Peach (manga).

Favorite...other kind of TV show: Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Hates: Unfair people/idiots

Likes: Apples and my friends

Favorite food: Apples

Favorite type of food: Japanese/Italian

Favorite singer: Rihanna, or Sara Bareilles

Favorite song by that singer: "Disturbia" by Rihanna, "Bottle It Up" or "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles

If you could kill anyone in the world...: Charles.

If you could resurrect anyone...: Whoever it is, it's not Charles.

You have a crush on this celebrity (Teenager): Thankfully, nobody.

You have a crush on this celebrity (Adult): Anthony Bourdain. Talk about cultured.

You have a crush on this fictional character: Kimura Kouichi...he's so damn cute. Even though Kouji looks the same, I'm not really a fan of his hair. (Notice how I don't do any fanfiction with him. I'm afraid people will think I'm reciprocating my own passions for him.)

You would be best friends with this fictional character: I'm not going to say, because...well, say I said Hikari (which it's not, actually), then people would say in my fanfics I'd be replacing myself with Miyako (which I'm not).

This makes you go crazy: Apples

Your favorite ice cream flavor: Nothing better than plain ol' vanilla, but I do have a passion for vanilla mixed with hazelnut.

Favorite crepe flavor: Nutella.

Is that all? Comment if you want to know more.

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