Monday, August 4, 2008

This just gets me mad. Really, really mad.

I don't have a picture of it (but I wish I did). But this got me fuming. Really. You'd think the Spanish couldn't get any worse than this.

I was reading a rather old copy of TiempoSur (it's some magazine in Spanish, I got it at an Argentinian restaurant, and I know a limited amount of Spanish). There was a section talking about "how to deal with divorce". At least I think that was what it was about. But the word "divorcio" was pretty darn obvious.

Guess what the background picture was Yolei taking care of her three kids, the picture used at the end of Adventure 02.

I mean, honestly. If you have to use a picture from Digimon, maybe you should have used the picture of the Ishida/Takaishi family separating. That's a good picture to use as an illustration. But a picture of Yolei? When she's happily married to Ken? I mean, you even see his coat on the
couch - it's obvious that he's still there! How could they do this? Yolei is freaking MARRIED! And just because she's alone in the house with three kids doesn't mean she's a good illustration for a divorced woman!

(I wanted to complain, but there was no contact address.)


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