Friday, August 1, 2008

Last day of camp

My mission right now is to bring peace to the delusioned shippers. I'm not talking about people who believe in other couples because they believe that there is evidence. That's fine. But I have a bit of an issue with people who, despite the fact that there has been COUNTLESS evidence to the contrary and it's obvious that the creators for Digimon didn't want that ship at all and that there isn't even evidence for the supported ship in the first place, STILL believe in that couple.

For instance (I don't want to insult you AJ but unfortunately I think you went a little crazy there) there was someone who posted on my guestbook that Matt and Sora were NOT married. Quote: "there is sufficient evidence during the Adventure 02 season and Adventure season to support Taiora, and Matt and Sora AREN'T married, watch the final episode epilogue they appear to have had children with each other, but if you listen, unlike Ken and Yolei, it doesn't say they are married with children and the only evidence for them to be still together at this point is Matt's son having red hair like Sora and her daughter having blonde hair like Matt."

I see that there is evidence but there's even more for Sorato. But moving on with that:

Matt and Sora aren't married?!? What the hell? The creators even confirmed this one! Toei told the public that they got married happily, and even quashed the rumors that they divorced.

Also, just because they never said they were married doesn't mean they DIDN'T get married (I tell anti-Takari fans this all the time when they tell me Takari can't be canon because they didn't get married - hey, they didn't say they didn't get married! And just because T.K. arrived seperately doesn't mean he's not married to Kari!) Opportunities need to be opened. Of course Tai and Sora could have gotten married, but they never said Matt and Sora didn't.

The final proof that Matt and Sora got married was their kids. Come on. You tell me that the only "evidence" there is, is that the hair color is the same.

Give me a BREAK.

Sora's daughter (who I've named "Kuri") has practically IDENTICAL hair to Matt. IDENTICAL I tell you. Matt's son (who I've named "Toshio") has hair IDENTICAL to Sora, besides the style, but that is UNMISTAKABLE proof that this is Sora's son. How could it be a coincidence?

I'm not talking to you, CherryGirlUK, because you made your own AU that made it canon. But give me a break. In the original, Matt and Sora were definitely married. (And I hate the people who say that Matt just raped Sora. This is a children's anime for God's sake. Do you think the creators wanted a rape to be suspected in this? Why do you think they confirmed that they married after the end of the show? WHY THE HELL IS SORA LEANING ON MATT IN THE FINALE POSTER?!?!?!)


P.S.: I apologize for being so rude, but I'm in a pretty bad mood. It's the last day of camp and I seriously don't want to leave. Seriously. I love California. I'm going to move here when I get older.

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