Wednesday, August 6, 2008

If you really care about me...'ll read the bottom of this post, but first read this.

I've had a change of heart, really, and I decided I will post the AU. Not now, probably after chapter 27 of 03 is up, but I will post it up. Why? The more I read "The Runaway Princess Takari Romance", I realize that even though she hasn't updated in a while, it gets better and better. So I think, "I have to do something like that!"

Thankfully, it's not as lame as the five-minute-still-groggy-12:00-AM Wedding Peach disaster, or the earlier chapters of Adventure 03, since I've had half a year to do revisions/edits. There are a few similarities to "Runaway Princess" but I promise I haven't copied anything, I wrote this fic BEFORE that fic came out ("Runaway Princess" in early 2008, mine in late 2007). And Smoochynose can't have copied me, I still haven't released mine.

So if you really care about me, click here and donate, because Digimon Uncensored is one of my favorite sites and one of my last links to the Japanese version of Digimon. Please? (I'm broke, by the way.)

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