Sunday, August 3, 2008

How I pulled the all-nighter...

You're probably wondering how I managed to pull the all-nighter and what exactly happened. It's really funny. Bear with me for a while.

Here's what I wrote in an email to my friends, edited for typos.

"It was the last day of camp, that is the last day before we would all have to leave and go home. Of course, nobody wanted to leave or go home. Camp is just a whole bunch of damn fun.

So we decided that on the last night, since the counselors decided not to give us a lights-out notice like on normal days, we'd pull an all-nighter. It was perfectly allowed, and movies would be shown as long as we wanted. I could hang with my friends until the end instead of sleeping through it.

So that afternoon, we ransacked the convenience store near the Stanford Bookstore. Okay, not exactly ransacked. But we each bought some form of caffeine fix (usually Red Bull, Full Throttle, that kind of thing, while some kids just stuck with a plain soda). I bought a small can of Mountain Dew, a bag of candy, and a can of Monster (you know how big those things are).

But they'd also made a stupid decision. Lots of boys had gotten Nos, which isn't really a drink but more like pure essence of caffeine. It tastes like a bunch of ****. The boys thought of it like medicine, except to keep yourself up.

(The convenience store manager was curious why we were all so interested in energy drinks.)

So we started off with the all-nighter. Some boys decided not to participate in the all-nighter and sacked out on the lounge chairs. (The others drew doodles on their faces as they slept - quite a shocker in the morning. Wary boys locked themselves in cabin rooms instead of sleeping in the lounge, so they couldn't be doodled.) Other boys had decided to throw smoke bombs at our rival cabin, Kairos. They took Axe deodorants (which smell like hellfire) and tied rubber bands to them so they couldn't stop spraying. They were going to throw them into Kairos when a counselor caught us. Oops.

But that's not the funniest part. I only drank half the can of Monster and still felt fine. But the boys had completely let it go on the Nox. The girls had splurged on the other energy drinks. Around 3:00 AM, you would see bodies splurged on the ground, knocked out in sleep. You can sense the caffeine in the air.

Two words: Caffeine hangover.

Apparently, I'd drank the least amount of caffeine out of all of them. In the end, I was one of the very few who successfully completed the all-nighter. I'd had fun, anyway.

So here I am in the airport, telling this whole tale. It is currently Aug 2, 12:48 PM, and I have not slept since Jul 31, 12:30 PM.


I'm back home now. I still didn't get the hangover, and I didn't sack until bedtime. Cool, huh?

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