Sunday, August 31, 2008

OMG! RS is apologizing?!?!

Actually, I try to apologize more often. As Hinagiku would say, "Stop apologizing!"

Anyway, I had just gotten back from a hectic day when my parents decided to take me to Las Vegas. It was completely unannounced and I was whisked away with no warning. Not only that, but I'm now in Vegas without my USB port (which - eep! - all of my fanfics are stored on) and, more importantly, without an internet connection. No, we do not have one of those Verizon/AT&T cards. Yes, I am using my phone to post this. As you know, you have to have a computer to post up fanfiction.

So if you are reading this, I apologize. I will try my hardest to get the fics up on Monday, if not Tuesday. Worst case scenario, I'll post up two chapters next weekend.



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I. Hate. Andrew. Zimmern.

He went to South Korea, and ate all sorts of stuff that's NOT in a Korean's typical diet. Not only that, but he does that in every stinking episode.

Why do you think I like Bourdain?

(Also, I've developed a new teenage passion. Like all other girls...Chris Brown.)


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Whoever runs should DIE.

Something wrong happened to So, I think it contributed to the severe lack of reviews I got for one of the most important chapters in my fic.

Damn it!

To keep me happy, I've arranged this little mini iPod thingy, on my sidebar. It includes my favorite songs. Enjoy.

To look through the songs, press Menu. To skip to the next or last ones, use the arrow keys, and if you want it to shut up (or play again), press the play button. Duh. (When you're in the Menu, use the arrow keys to scroll.)

You'll also find this on my profile.

Monday, August 25, 2008


The big question is, is T.K. really dead?


Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's really, really creepy.

I logged into and checked my stats.

Now every time I've checked the stats, it had always gone over that number or had stayed below it. That is, for every fic besides "Couple Chronicles".

Because as of now, it has six hundred and sixty-six hits. Exactly the same number of hits as the number of evil.

And the number was staring at me, right in the face...

Friday, August 22, 2008


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Takari is more famous than I thought...

The first thing that comes up when you Google "hope and light"

I know it's for a completely unrelated thing, but it's the only crest couple that comes up in a "____ and ____" phrase. Otherwise, it's usually "light of _____", which doesn't really count. You know what I mean.

Did I ever want to talk about this?

No. But I've gotten the question.

How am I posting the fics up past (by New York time) 3:00 in the morning when I'm not supposed to? Does that mean I'm lying about where I live?

By all means no!

It means that I'm actually getting up in the morning and posting it, because in California that's 12:00 and therefore after the time when my cousin will see it. (Her curfew's 11:30.) Of course she could always put me on her alerts list but she doesn't even have an account. By the time she sees the fic...I've already gotten enough reviews to keep myself happy. So she can't invade my reviews list.

My cousin and I sort of have a get along/don't get along relationship (for instance I had her set up my webpage...and she unintentionally wrecked it). That's it. That's the end of it. Nothing else.

Monday, August 18, 2008

WHAT about me?!?!

Since my last failed attempt to put in an "About Me" section, I decided to create my own thing.

Name: RainbowSprinkle

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Birthday: June 25, 1992

Sign: Cancer

Primary Language: English

Has learned: Spanish, French, Latin (due to the fact that elementary school only teaches Spanish and I had to change schools - twice). I speak NONE of these fluently.

Hometown: New York, NY (Manhattan)

Birthplace: New York, NY (Queens)

I want to live in: San Francisco, CA, with my cousin.

I want to go to: I've already been to both places but I want to go back to Greece and Japan.

My best friend: I'm not going to hurt anyone's feelings. This spot stays blank.

Hobbies: Reading, biking, skiing, watching television/YouTube, writing fanfiction (which I suck at), making art, Photoshopping, playing Gaia Online, playing Marble Blast Gold Demo, and playing on my Mac

Favorite Book: The Lightning Thief

Favorite Anime: Digimon/Wedding Peach

Favorite Manga: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Other books I've read: If I listed them all, Blogger would crash.

Other Anime/Manga: Avatar ( considers this an anime), Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (anime), Hayate the Combat Butler, Wedding Peach (manga).

Favorite...other kind of TV show: Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Hates: Unfair people/idiots

Likes: Apples and my friends

Favorite food: Apples

Favorite type of food: Japanese/Italian

Favorite singer: Rihanna, or Sara Bareilles

Favorite song by that singer: "Disturbia" by Rihanna, "Bottle It Up" or "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles

If you could kill anyone in the world...: Charles.

If you could resurrect anyone...: Whoever it is, it's not Charles.

You have a crush on this celebrity (Teenager): Thankfully, nobody.

You have a crush on this celebrity (Adult): Anthony Bourdain. Talk about cultured.

You have a crush on this fictional character: Kimura Kouichi...he's so damn cute. Even though Kouji looks the same, I'm not really a fan of his hair. (Notice how I don't do any fanfiction with him. I'm afraid people will think I'm reciprocating my own passions for him.)

You would be best friends with this fictional character: I'm not going to say, because...well, say I said Hikari (which it's not, actually), then people would say in my fanfics I'd be replacing myself with Miyako (which I'm not).

This makes you go crazy: Apples

Your favorite ice cream flavor: Nothing better than plain ol' vanilla, but I do have a passion for vanilla mixed with hazelnut.

Favorite crepe flavor: Nutella.

Is that all? Comment if you want to know more.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stupid thing.

Blogger didn't register the last post correctly. Ignore it.

I still have my MAC though!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I got a Mac!!! (bum bu-da-dum)

Since I refused to get Vista, I got a MacBook Pro! Yay!!!!!

(WITH Boot Camp!)

Anyway, I read this off my friend Leeny's blog and decided...

NAME: RainbowSprinkle
AGE: 16. Sweet ol' 16. As IF it was sweet.

1. WHAT TIME DID YOU GET UP THIS MORNING? Somewhere between 6:30 and 1:10.
2. DIAMONDS OR PEARLS? (singing) Diamonds are a girl's best friend...

3. WHAT WAS THE LAST FILM YOU SAW AT A THEATER? The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Boy do I regret it.

4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW? A harmonious mixture of Digimon, Wedding Peach, Get Smart, The Twilight Zone, and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne.

5. WHAT DID YOU HAVE FOR BREAKFAST? Honey Nut Cheerios and Special K. Both of them. Plus eggs I made myself.

6. WHAT IS YOUR MIDDLE NAME? Uh...What's the middle of "RainbowSprinkle"?

7. FAVORITE CUISINE? Italian or Japanese.

8. WHAT FOOD DO YOU DISLIKE? Overcooked meat to the point where you can't chew it, or pasta overcooked to the point of mush.


10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CD AT THE MOMENTGood Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded, by Rihanna. Or Little Voice, by Sara Bareilles. Either one.

11. WHAT KIND OF CAR DO YOU DRIVE? I wish I had either a Mini Cooper or a Smart Car.

12. FAVORITE LUNCH? Subway sandwich, 6 inch, inside dough taken out, with ham and swiss cheese, with olives and olive oil, toasted.

13. WHAT CHARACTERISTICS IN PEOPLE DO YOU DISLIKE? They're not fair. They have to be all prejudiced because I'm a certain race or I believe in certain ships or because I've got the "nerd" look, or used to have the "nerd" look. (I look a lot better. I wear contacts instead of glasses now. But I'm still scarred.)

14. MY FAVORITE PAST-TIME IS: I think you should know.


16. WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE SINGER(S)? Rihanna and Sara Bareilles.

17. FAVORITE BRAND OF CLOTHING? There is nothing better than Abercrombie & Fitch.

18. TO WHERE WOULD YOU RETIRE? Depends on how old I'll be. If I'm old and aged...home, of course. If I'm rich as Bill Gates and young, everywhere.

19. WHAT WAS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE BIRTHDAY? My 10th. We all went rock climbing. :-)


21. FURTHEST PLACE YOU ARE SENDING THIS? Well, it depends how many European/Asian people are reading this blog.



24. GOAL YOU HAVE FOR YOURSELF? Somehow complete my fanfiction before I explode


25b. ANY FAMOUS PEOPLE SHARE YOUR BIRTHDAY? Carly Simon and George Orwell. (And Leeny...Jackie Chan shares your b-day.)

26. HOW MANY WEDDINGS HAVE YOU BEEN IN, INCLUDING YOUR OWN? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. My church teacher's, my parents' friends, my parents' other friends, my parents' other friends who forced a three-year-old me to recite a poem at their wedding, my parents when they decided to "renew their vows" (basically reciting the whole damn thing over again for no reason at all...I was two), my dad's cousin's, and my aunt's. I might be off a little, though.

Definitely night, but I can force myself to be a morning person.
28. WHAT IS YOUR SHOE SIZE? Somewhere between 6 and 7. It depends which shoe store.

29. PETS: I wish I had a cockapoo...Otherwise, no.


31. WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE ? Orthodontist, for some strange reason. Then, an architect. Now, computer software programmer (aka Best Buy's Geek Squad). They make tons of money.


33. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CANDY? I have boycotted candy since I was 13.


35. WHAT DAY ON THE CALENDAR ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO? Anytime but August 28, when school starts.

36. WHERE IS THE FURTHEST YOU HAVE EVER BEEN FROM HOME? I have no idea how far things are. I'd say either Japan, Korea, or Greece. (I travel a LOT.)

37. A SMALL THING YOU REALLY ENJOY? My phone. It's a Sidekick <3

38. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BOOK? The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.

40. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ALBUM? I thought the album was the same thing as the CD. Read #10.

41. WHAT MAKES YOU CRINGE? Annoying people.

42. IF YOU COULD DO ANYTHING, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Stop time, go back to camp, finish fanfiction, and go back to camp.


44. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN THAT YOU WILL NEVER VISIT AGAIN? The movie theater. The Mummy scarred me THAT much.

44. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE? The Pink Panther (2006) was good.

45. WHICH CAME FIRST, THE CHICKEN OR THE EGG? The egg. Mankind can't survive without it.



 Little puppy dogs.
49 GOOD OR BAD? Good, please. :-)

50. SOMETHING PEOPLE PROBABLY DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU? I have a birthmark on the waaaaay left of my forehead, where my hair usually covers it.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Viva USA!!!!!

Listing all of the countries I support (note that I am not necessarily a nationality from all of them, I either have friends from there, have been there, or just plain ol' support it.)

America (duh), South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Jamaica, Canada, Mexico, England, Greece, and...that's it.

That men's relay (the first one) was really, really funny. (YouTube it.)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Coincidence? Well, possibly...

I was watching that commercial for Mario vs. Sonic Olympic thing, and I realized that there was a Princess Peach and a Princess Daisy in that particular franchise, ironic due to my interest in Wedding Peach. (Unfortunately there isn't any character named Lily.) Interesting...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trying to resist...

If I post the next chapter to the AU now, then I'll have nothing to post up. I'm trying to post it up separately along a good amount of time to keep you all hanging. It ain't easy.

My general rule is that there must be at least a 48 hour difference, which there wasn't.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Olympics!

(Man, that torch-passing was AMAZING.)

Good luck America. We're depending on you!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Somehow, my life ended here

Yes, I've always liked the song "Shake It"...and who doesn't?

Until I found a dark, dark secret about Metro Station. (Okay, so it's not a secret, but it made me flip. And I don't know how many people know about this. But...)

These guys are affiliated with these guys?

Yes. Maron Musso and Trace Cyrus are main elements of this band. Help!!!

(But I still like Shake It, so it's the only part of the Cyrus family I will ever appreciate.)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

If you really care about me...'ll read the bottom of this post, but first read this.

I've had a change of heart, really, and I decided I will post the AU. Not now, probably after chapter 27 of 03 is up, but I will post it up. Why? The more I read "The Runaway Princess Takari Romance", I realize that even though she hasn't updated in a while, it gets better and better. So I think, "I have to do something like that!"

Thankfully, it's not as lame as the five-minute-still-groggy-12:00-AM Wedding Peach disaster, or the earlier chapters of Adventure 03, since I've had half a year to do revisions/edits. There are a few similarities to "Runaway Princess" but I promise I haven't copied anything, I wrote this fic BEFORE that fic came out ("Runaway Princess" in early 2008, mine in late 2007). And Smoochynose can't have copied me, I still haven't released mine.

So if you really care about me, click here and donate, because Digimon Uncensored is one of my favorite sites and one of my last links to the Japanese version of Digimon. Please? (I'm broke, by the way.)

Monday, August 4, 2008

This just gets me mad. Really, really mad.

I don't have a picture of it (but I wish I did). But this got me fuming. Really. You'd think the Spanish couldn't get any worse than this.

I was reading a rather old copy of TiempoSur (it's some magazine in Spanish, I got it at an Argentinian restaurant, and I know a limited amount of Spanish). There was a section talking about "how to deal with divorce". At least I think that was what it was about. But the word "divorcio" was pretty darn obvious.

Guess what the background picture was Yolei taking care of her three kids, the picture used at the end of Adventure 02.

I mean, honestly. If you have to use a picture from Digimon, maybe you should have used the picture of the Ishida/Takaishi family separating. That's a good picture to use as an illustration. But a picture of Yolei? When she's happily married to Ken? I mean, you even see his coat on the
couch - it's obvious that he's still there! How could they do this? Yolei is freaking MARRIED! And just because she's alone in the house with three kids doesn't mean she's a good illustration for a divorced woman!

(I wanted to complain, but there was no contact address.)



I've always been a fan of the medieval AU. Well, not precisely always.

Before I even started Adventure 03 I started on a medieval AU, mostly Takari. But then I started to take a dislike for AU and discontinued it. I still have the files (you have no idea how hard it was to write them) but I never posted them. The fic is unfinished.

Then I read Smoochynose's "The Runaway Princess Takari Romance" and I started to change my perspective.

Not too long after, I read sunflowers's "A Whole New World" which I liked, albeit the Aladdin references (which I unfortunately thought were lame).

Although I wonder, What's with everyone making Kari the princess?

So if I read one more medieval AU, or at least have a change of heart, I might, might just start posting up the chapter fic. Because I don't have to take time out to write them until I get close to the end, I'm fine with putting it up and I still have time to write Adventure 03. It's only 30 more seconds out of my schedule.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

How I pulled the all-nighter...

You're probably wondering how I managed to pull the all-nighter and what exactly happened. It's really funny. Bear with me for a while.

Here's what I wrote in an email to my friends, edited for typos.

"It was the last day of camp, that is the last day before we would all have to leave and go home. Of course, nobody wanted to leave or go home. Camp is just a whole bunch of damn fun.

So we decided that on the last night, since the counselors decided not to give us a lights-out notice like on normal days, we'd pull an all-nighter. It was perfectly allowed, and movies would be shown as long as we wanted. I could hang with my friends until the end instead of sleeping through it.

So that afternoon, we ransacked the convenience store near the Stanford Bookstore. Okay, not exactly ransacked. But we each bought some form of caffeine fix (usually Red Bull, Full Throttle, that kind of thing, while some kids just stuck with a plain soda). I bought a small can of Mountain Dew, a bag of candy, and a can of Monster (you know how big those things are).

But they'd also made a stupid decision. Lots of boys had gotten Nos, which isn't really a drink but more like pure essence of caffeine. It tastes like a bunch of ****. The boys thought of it like medicine, except to keep yourself up.

(The convenience store manager was curious why we were all so interested in energy drinks.)

So we started off with the all-nighter. Some boys decided not to participate in the all-nighter and sacked out on the lounge chairs. (The others drew doodles on their faces as they slept - quite a shocker in the morning. Wary boys locked themselves in cabin rooms instead of sleeping in the lounge, so they couldn't be doodled.) Other boys had decided to throw smoke bombs at our rival cabin, Kairos. They took Axe deodorants (which smell like hellfire) and tied rubber bands to them so they couldn't stop spraying. They were going to throw them into Kairos when a counselor caught us. Oops.

But that's not the funniest part. I only drank half the can of Monster and still felt fine. But the boys had completely let it go on the Nox. The girls had splurged on the other energy drinks. Around 3:00 AM, you would see bodies splurged on the ground, knocked out in sleep. You can sense the caffeine in the air.

Two words: Caffeine hangover.

Apparently, I'd drank the least amount of caffeine out of all of them. In the end, I was one of the very few who successfully completed the all-nighter. I'd had fun, anyway.

So here I am in the airport, telling this whole tale. It is currently Aug 2, 12:48 PM, and I have not slept since Jul 31, 12:30 PM.


I'm back home now. I still didn't get the hangover, and I didn't sack until bedtime. Cool, huh?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Why the hell am I posting at 4 in the morning?

...because I have successfully PULLED AN ALL-NIGHTER!!!!!

Me, being the reluctant person that I am, refused to spend the last day of camp sleeping it off. So I spent the night drinking Mountain Dew and half a can of Monster. Everyone else caffeinated themselves too so I wasn't alone.

Damn, that was FUN. (And I just swore.)

But it's only about an hour or so before people will start to leave. I don't want to leave this place. I've had too much fun. And I most certainly don't want to go back and be a junior and get even MORE homework than I got as a sophomore.

But life goes on, and I won't be getting a Mac if I don't go back.

And plus, it's been fun these last five hours as I've been up all night, but I have to cherish this moment.

Camp at Stanford is always, always the best.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Last day of camp

My mission right now is to bring peace to the delusioned shippers. I'm not talking about people who believe in other couples because they believe that there is evidence. That's fine. But I have a bit of an issue with people who, despite the fact that there has been COUNTLESS evidence to the contrary and it's obvious that the creators for Digimon didn't want that ship at all and that there isn't even evidence for the supported ship in the first place, STILL believe in that couple.

For instance (I don't want to insult you AJ but unfortunately I think you went a little crazy there) there was someone who posted on my guestbook that Matt and Sora were NOT married. Quote: "there is sufficient evidence during the Adventure 02 season and Adventure season to support Taiora, and Matt and Sora AREN'T married, watch the final episode epilogue they appear to have had children with each other, but if you listen, unlike Ken and Yolei, it doesn't say they are married with children and the only evidence for them to be still together at this point is Matt's son having red hair like Sora and her daughter having blonde hair like Matt."

I see that there is evidence but there's even more for Sorato. But moving on with that:

Matt and Sora aren't married?!? What the hell? The creators even confirmed this one! Toei told the public that they got married happily, and even quashed the rumors that they divorced.

Also, just because they never said they were married doesn't mean they DIDN'T get married (I tell anti-Takari fans this all the time when they tell me Takari can't be canon because they didn't get married - hey, they didn't say they didn't get married! And just because T.K. arrived seperately doesn't mean he's not married to Kari!) Opportunities need to be opened. Of course Tai and Sora could have gotten married, but they never said Matt and Sora didn't.

The final proof that Matt and Sora got married was their kids. Come on. You tell me that the only "evidence" there is, is that the hair color is the same.

Give me a BREAK.

Sora's daughter (who I've named "Kuri") has practically IDENTICAL hair to Matt. IDENTICAL I tell you. Matt's son (who I've named "Toshio") has hair IDENTICAL to Sora, besides the style, but that is UNMISTAKABLE proof that this is Sora's son. How could it be a coincidence?

I'm not talking to you, CherryGirlUK, because you made your own AU that made it canon. But give me a break. In the original, Matt and Sora were definitely married. (And I hate the people who say that Matt just raped Sora. This is a children's anime for God's sake. Do you think the creators wanted a rape to be suspected in this? Why do you think they confirmed that they married after the end of the show? WHY THE HELL IS SORA LEANING ON MATT IN THE FINALE POSTER?!?!?!)


P.S.: I apologize for being so rude, but I'm in a pretty bad mood. It's the last day of camp and I seriously don't want to leave. Seriously. I love California. I'm going to move here when I get older.