Monday, July 28, 2008

Why, why, why?

To help me out this next week, I might put up some random ship oneshots. These will have no connection to Adventure 03 and are merely...well, ship oneshots.

They will be based on the Japanese version so I can even out English and Japanese (in a way).

So why do I believe in the couples I believe in? Here's the long story.

I didn't start out as a ship supporter. I was always into the plain essence of anime itself, except for a little Kenyako and a little Jyoumi (yes, you heard Jyoumi) and some Sorato to some degree. But then I saw Lord Patamon's Takari page, and that converted me to a Takari fan.

Some time later I read Michi i e no Armor Shinka, and I dumped the idea of Jyoumi. We can't have cheating happen. And I also scrolled down to the "Takaishi Takeru" section of this page, and I became converted to Koumi as well, along with more Kenyako and Sorato. After reading a few more fansites I centered on the five that I love so much: Takari, PataTail, Kenyako, Sorato, and finally Koumi.

So what about the "OC couples" I created? Well, I originally thought Junchi was my own creation until I realized there was actually a considerable fan base out there. But I paired Jun and Tai by accident, actually. Since there was the issue of Jou's brothers, Shin and Shuu, being turned into one brother, Jim, for the English dub, I realized the couple thing was going to be a disaster. Momoe, Chizuru, and Jun respectively were supposed to be dating Jou, Shin, and Shuu. But since there's only one Jim, there can only be either Chizuru or Jun. I eventually chose Chizuru, it makes the double dating thing more complete. So where does poor Jun go? Easy: The person who was also left over from a failed relationship with someone. Namely, Tai.

They both have a lot in common: impulsiveness, steadfastness, stubbornness, and big hair. Not all of those are bad.

As for Daiyako, I was originally going to be a Daiyako fan until I realized that Ken and Yolei got married. I suppose Daiyako is reasonable. I think Yolei would actually have ended up dating Davis if she hadn't found Ken first.

Poor, poor Daisuke.

So watch out for those little oneshots I'll be posting...

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