Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why am I up so late?

...because it's either using the computer or watching Casino Royale. And I would prefer using the computer.

I was happily writing my AU, trying to think up ideas for Adventure 03 at the same time, when suddenly it hit me: My AU wasn't strictly medieval anymore. It centered around one of those tribes you generally find in medieval RPG games (I used to play RuneScape before it hit me: "What the ****ing hell am I doing?"). They were sort of a warrior tribe with a touch of medieval (swordsman, bowman, even Iori is a kendo artist) and the regular medieval comes in later chapters. So actually, it's not medieval, but it is more like medieval-ish AU. (I'm going to be copy-pasting this into the actual chapter, you know.)

And to make up for the fact that this is an alternate universe, I'm using all the Japanese names and terms (Yagami Hikari instead of Kari Kamiya, Inoue Miyako instead of Miyako Inoue, Kido Jou instead of Joe Kido).

There's also a lot more relationship angst than there is in Adventure/02, and even 03 (and remember, there is a LOT of relationship angst in 03). So I might be accused of making characters OOC, but this is what they may be like if there weren't any evil Digimon interfering.

And yes, there is a princess, although I'm not revealing who.

Nina/Willis/Jaya/Ryo make no appearances as they Nina and Jaya are OCs and Willis and Ryo make only cameos.

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