Monday, July 7, 2008

Website problems

Am I 15 or 16?

There are many inconsistencies in my site. Sometimes it says I'm 16 and sometimes 15. This leads to lots of people telling me that I'm lying about my age.

The answer: I turned 16 on June 25. It was hard to get to every single one of my freaking pages and change that, and I still haven't finished. I'll get it all done as soon as possible.

Adventure 03 still has a love/hate relationship with other people. I understand - the plot flow is...well, there is no plot flow. It sucks that way.

I do have a map outlined for what will happen until ep 50, so I do have things planned out. I don't do things spontaneously, you know.

I might have a 3-week layover in the middle of July as I am taking computer camp, but I will be writing fics (although I can't post 'em) and I will post maybe 3 chapters at once afterwards. However, if I am lucky I might be able to post at camp...but it might require a phone system, a USB port, and a bunch of rushing (things aren't easy when you can't take a laptop to a freaking computer camp). So don't think just because I post in this blog means I can post fics.

That's about it. Remember, I detest flaming and accept constructive criticism. And lots of people are telling me I'm lying about the GoogleFight thing on my profile, but I'm not. I guess things have changed since I checked (it was almost a year ago). And why are people insulting me because I don't like YAOI? I don't. It's my opinion, and yet people don't want me to have it.

I'm really talking too much...

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