Friday, July 25, 2008


I've had it with the boys at this camp. They treat the girls like a bunch of dirt. I've probably been called a ************ five thousand times already.

To top it all off, I have no freedom thanks to THEM, and therefore I can't have any say in anything.For instance, we're not allowed to install LimeWire here...that's understandable. I didn't know at the time I installed it so I quickly made a meelee and uninstalled it while the counselors weren't looking. But then the next day I found the LimeWire file still there (and I think I know who installed it). I said out loud, "Who the hell installed - " and here a barrage of comments came out that they SAW me install it and that I'm a...(fill in the blank). So I couldn't squeeze in the comment that I did uninstall it and chances are they didn't even hear me.

Being a woman, whenever I get mad, I lose all sense of logic and reason and start screaming and cursing a lot, so that's exactly what happened. It didn't help.

I'd better stop blogging before I start printing unworthy cuss words over the blog and get myself banned.

So while you wait for my next post to come on with the couple stuff I promised, why don't you watch this. (Once the video stops working, comment so I can take it down.)

This is really funny, in my opinion. Who DOESN'T want to learn English while doing aerobics?

And by the way, my friend MingaKatara has FINALLY posted something on! Check out her profile here!

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