Friday, July 4, 2008

A not exactly average life, now

I'm trying to hack into my phone so it allows me to post "notes" as fanfic chapters, as that would ease a lot of time. A lot. And unfortunately, my computer has blown up AGAIN, leaving me with a redone computer with no Microsoft Office. (Here, the quote on OpenOffice on my "RainbowSprinkle's Life" fanfics page comes to get me. Yes, I have downloaded OpenOffice.) However, for my birthday, and since I can't be a freaking JUNIOR without a laptop, my parents are getting me a Mac with special software so I can copy an image from a current Windows XP (probably my parent's computer) and use that in the Boot Camp program. (Don't know what that is? I didn't know either, until I researched it. It's software that lets you run XP on a Mac. Loooooooove...)

Now I don't care about having Vista anymore. I never wanted Vista, just the looks, but to me Mac OS X looks cool enough. I love Mac, and I actually know how to use it, since in my first-grade years my elementary school only had Macs.

The only problem was, it was Mac OS 9, which means I'm really going to have a problem working Leopard.

Meanwhile, I am trying to work on my Minesweeper score, highest 146 seconds, but I will never beat J.K. Rowling in 98 seconds. Ever. (Yes, I am aware of the xyzzy cheat, but it only makes me slower, and I am utilizing the click-with-both-sides to get 146.) The worst part is sometimes I am forced to guess when there's two squares left, and I blow up. WHEN THERE WERE TWO SQUARES LEFT.

Also, recently another Takeru has entered my own life: this guy.

I rarely ever watched the hot dog eating contest, as I felt it had no relevance to my life, but honestly, this is the epitome of how Japan rules. I'm not Japanese, but I love Japan.

Plus he's really cute, just not in that picture.

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