Sunday, July 13, 2008

Going to Camp

I'm going to California!!!!!

Yes, I'm going to summer camp, computer programming to be exact (so I can hack into DVDs and get my precious little files). I have my trusty iPod with me, with complete episodes of Digimon Adventure/02 and Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach, as well as a reasonable collection of songs (which will become more reasonable once I get an iPod touch...hurry up Mom and Dad!),

I also have my phone, which is capable of creating "notes" on the road so I can write my fics on the plane, but doesn't accept them as files so I have to email them to myself and post them up once I get home. The camp doesn't let me bring my own computer. Retarded. It's a freaking COMPUTER CAMP.

I will have access to internet through my phone so I will most definitely post up stuff on this blog, but no deviations or fanfics. I'm sorry to all.

Plus while I was watching Wedding Peach, inspiration came up to me via oneshot, an unsolved mystery left behind. I won't tell anyone, it'll be a surprise, but I can tell you it will be an AU (the only thing that makes it an AU will be that it disregards DX, as I seriously hate it, but otherwise it's pretty canon). I'm seriously addicted to anime now.

Plus, I'm starting to learn a lot of Japanese, not that it'll help me once I get to camp. Unless I meet a really nice Japanese person.

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