Friday, July 11, 2008

Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach

I had recently downloaded every single episode from Adventure/02 of Digimon, and now I'm working on a new project: downloading every episode of Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach (Wedding Peach for short), besides DX. (Read below to see why.)

Wedding Peach is a little easier for me to get, because:

1. There are only 51 episodes, whereas there were 104 in Adventure/02 combined.
2. I'm using VeohTV instead of Megaupload, so I don't have to wait 25 seconds, and I can download 4 at once instead of one at a freaking time.

But there's still the grueling process of converting every file from .avi to .mp4, so that iTunes will accept it. I want to have these on my iPod.

For those who want to know, I have an iPod 4th generation video, but soon I'm going to be getting an iPod touch. My problem is that Wedding Peach is hard to get in English (unless you want to download them in three parts), so I have to do Japanese with subtitles, and chances are they won't show up properly on a 4th gen screen. They wll show up properly on a touch, however. I'm sure of it.

The plot is about 12-year-old Hanasaki Momoko, who finds out she is the legendary angel Wedding Peach, chosen by angel soldier Limone to do work for Aphrodite. ("Tenshi" in Japanese means "angel", hence the name.) The akuma race, or the devils, are trying to promote a message of hate. The angels (namely Momoko and her two friends Yuri and Hinagiku) are involved in a battle between tenshi and akuma to make sure that love is still alive in this world.

So Momoko takes on the alter identity of Wedding Peach, while Yuri and Hinagiku become angels Lily and Daisy. Together with Limone they embroil themselves in this war, in the meantine falling in love themselves...

Commonly called a Sailor Moon clone, this is only because of a very unflattering article written by a reviewer who hadn't watched a single episode. She had just read some stupid information article. Therefore, it's why I hate Sailor Moon (it's unremarkably lame) and like Wedding Peach (okay, it's lame too, but at least the subtitles make it sound better).

I don't like DX because I hate the concept of "wiping the memories", considering how you would have thought Yanagiba had gone through enough memory loss through the last couple episodes, and I don't like the new Love Angels' uniforms (I thought it had been already established that angels can fly without wings). Therefore, if I make any fanfics on Wedding Peach (chances are I won't, it's so hard to do that), I'm going to be completely disregarding DX. And the background behind it. Because that's how I do things.

Interesting things about Wedding Peach:

Momoko's alter ego is "Wedding Peach", and in Japanese, "momo" means peach, a parallel between Momoko's two sides.

(spoiler alert!) And as soon as I saw the clip of Hinagiku being childhood friends with Takuro, I thought, "Well, Momoko can have Yousuke, Hinagiku can have Takuro, and Yuri can have Yanagiba, and there won't be any more fighting." Boy, I wasn't far off the mark. But what I didn't expect was for Limone to be Yanagiba. A little weird personally.

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