Thursday, July 31, 2008

I nearly flipped my lid when I read this email

"To ensure that you receive your Barnes & Noble emails, please add to your address book.

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Book Cover Image: Title: The Tales of Beedle the Bard (Harry Potter Series), Author: J. K. Rowling.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard is scheduled to be released on December 4, 2008 and is now available for pre-order. It contains all five wizarding fairy tales left to Hermione Granger by Albus Dumbledore in the seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series. Only one, The Tale of the Three Brothers, is recounted in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The other four are revealed here for the very first time. Enjoy substantial savings when you reserve your copy in stores or pre-order online.

Please note that product prices and availability are subject to change. Prices on may vary from those in Barnes & Noble retail stores.

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I can't believe it. The Tales of Beedle the Bard is no longer private! I've already read the Amazon previews...but now it's for real. Now I will DEFINITELY BUY IT!!!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Make this quick

I'm gonna be holding a fanfic/fanart contest, but I have to decide what the prize must be. Rules:

1. Must be submitted before August 23, 2008
2. Must comment on this post before then and include: name, age, gender, topic, credit card number (I'm joking about that last one).
3. Must pay me $150 in cash, sent to New York, New York by pigeon into the third tree you see in Central, I'm joking about that one too.
4. Must be centered around Maximum Ride, Digimon, Percy Jackson, Wedding Peach, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Avatar: The Last Airbender, or The Da Vinci Code
5. If your fanwork centers around Maximum Ride or The Da Vinci Code, contact Ria at
6. If your fanwork centers around Avatar: The Last Airbender, contact MingaKatara at
7. If your fanwork centers around Digimon, Percy Jackson, Wedding Peach, or Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, contact me (RainbowSprinkle) at
8. When you email one of us, make sure to include a link to this post, tell us your name and the comment you wrote, and explain about this whole contest thingy (because chances are none of us will have the foggiest what you're doing if you don't).
9. If you're doing fanfiction, please don't include the whole text in an email - send it to me via attachment in: either Word 2003 or older, or the default format uses.
10. If you're doing fanart, please submit in .jpg, .gif, .png, or .psd.
11. There will only be one winner total, as Ria, MingaKatara, and I will be discussing each ones together.
12. You don't have to make it up now, you could just submit one you've already done (in that case, send us the link).
13. Send something that's worth considering of quality. Because we're tired of seeing crap all over the internet.
12. Winner gets the fanfiction or fanart posted on my webpage or blog.

That's it, really!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

By the time you read the title, yes, you've guessed it: I am addicted to magical girl anime. (But to clear things up, I hate Sailor Moon.)

I watched the anime and the manga. I have to admit, the manga is better, but the anime has a cuter ending (and happier on that note).

(Spoiler alert!)

The manga has a semi-sweet ending. Maron loses the ability to reincarnate, and Fin dies. But I can't get over the little scene there where two-year-old Shinji (reincarnated Access) sees his earring clutched in newborn Natsuki (reincarnated Fin)'s hand, and yelling "Marry me! I love you Natsuki!" and Maron's all like, "Why are you proposing already?" And Zen becomes a Tenshi, too. Good times. The manga also gives a bigger backstory.

But the anime has a sweet ending too, especially the Access/Fin scenes. Access/Fin is my favorite one in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, even over Chiaki/Sinbad with Maron/Jeanne or Yamato with Miyako. Fin and Access are so CUTE!

Oh, and by the way, Digimon fans, this is a different Yamato and Miyako (Minazuki Yamato and Toudaji Miyako), so I am still a die-hard Kenyako fans. Kenyako/Daiyako/Kouyako/Kenkari/Kensuke/Hiyako fans, you can breathe now. Yamako fans, sorry to disappoint you.

I've decided to copy the deviantART thing because I like it and I think it's funny.

Mood: critical
Listening to: the fan (wow that's loud) and a nearby kid playing the guitar
Reading: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne manga
Watching: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne anime
Playing: minesweeper (I must be seriously bored to actually play this game)
Eating: beef ramen (noooo! I want pork or shrimp or both!)
Drinking: Jamba Juice's Razzmatazz (the taste of happiness)

Monday, July 28, 2008

I gotta say this before going to bed

It's not canon, but Zutara rules. To hell with Kataang. Throw On Ji somewhere with Aang and give Mai some random rich guy.

Why, why, why?

To help me out this next week, I might put up some random ship oneshots. These will have no connection to Adventure 03 and are merely...well, ship oneshots.

They will be based on the Japanese version so I can even out English and Japanese (in a way).

So why do I believe in the couples I believe in? Here's the long story.

I didn't start out as a ship supporter. I was always into the plain essence of anime itself, except for a little Kenyako and a little Jyoumi (yes, you heard Jyoumi) and some Sorato to some degree. But then I saw Lord Patamon's Takari page, and that converted me to a Takari fan.

Some time later I read Michi i e no Armor Shinka, and I dumped the idea of Jyoumi. We can't have cheating happen. And I also scrolled down to the "Takaishi Takeru" section of this page, and I became converted to Koumi as well, along with more Kenyako and Sorato. After reading a few more fansites I centered on the five that I love so much: Takari, PataTail, Kenyako, Sorato, and finally Koumi.

So what about the "OC couples" I created? Well, I originally thought Junchi was my own creation until I realized there was actually a considerable fan base out there. But I paired Jun and Tai by accident, actually. Since there was the issue of Jou's brothers, Shin and Shuu, being turned into one brother, Jim, for the English dub, I realized the couple thing was going to be a disaster. Momoe, Chizuru, and Jun respectively were supposed to be dating Jou, Shin, and Shuu. But since there's only one Jim, there can only be either Chizuru or Jun. I eventually chose Chizuru, it makes the double dating thing more complete. So where does poor Jun go? Easy: The person who was also left over from a failed relationship with someone. Namely, Tai.

They both have a lot in common: impulsiveness, steadfastness, stubbornness, and big hair. Not all of those are bad.

As for Daiyako, I was originally going to be a Daiyako fan until I realized that Ken and Yolei got married. I suppose Daiyako is reasonable. I think Yolei would actually have ended up dating Davis if she hadn't found Ken first.

Poor, poor Daisuke.

So watch out for those little oneshots I'll be posting...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Charles, you're an idiot...

...and since you treat me like an idiot and keep insulting my intelligence, here's how I get back at you: posting this all over the internet.

Anyway, I sent Charles an email earlier, using the word "ad-lib" in it. Sensible. Then he sends me back some idiotic trash. It's bad enough that my attempts to knock some proper English into him and get him to stop using IM shorthand in email didn't work, but...well, see for yourself. Anything here should be marked (sic), by the way.

"its ab-libbed. not ad-libbed"

Charles, take your diseased brain out for a walk and look it up.

Back to the couple stuff.


Major episode for fans: Episode 1 of Adventure 02
Why: We learn that Yolei and Cody have known each other for a long time
Major episode for me: Same as above
Yes or no? No
Why? No feelings for each other...AND WHY WOULD CODY DATE AN OLDER WOMAN?!?!?


Major episode for fans: Bit of a debate here, probably episode 25 of Adventure 02
Why: Yolei forgives Ken and sends him a really heartwarming email
Major episode for me: Same as above
Yes or no? Yes

Koumi (also called Mishirou)

Major episode for fans: Episode 10 of Adventure
Why: Izzy abandons his laptop to save Mimi...YES, he ABANDONED it!!!!!
Major episode for me: Same as above
Yes or no? Yes

And if people think I'm being "biased about other cultures" when I didn't like the Zuiikin English video, read this.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chapter 25 now up!

I can't believe I'm halfway to finishing Adventure 03.

In the meantime, I have a link to my friend MingaKatara's fic, And in the meantime, I have nothing else to say.

No time to put up the couples, I have a lot of work to do.

And now that I realize, there's no link to my profile anywhere. So there.

Once again, I want to put up a video while you wait for me, so here's the video. Once again, it's Japanese. I love the Japanese. They're so damn funny.

In Japanese schools, you get spanked if you seriously misbehave, so in this "class", laughing classifies as misbehaving. Try not to misbehave yourself. It's close to impossible.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I've had it with the boys at this camp. They treat the girls like a bunch of dirt. I've probably been called a ************ five thousand times already.

To top it all off, I have no freedom thanks to THEM, and therefore I can't have any say in anything.For instance, we're not allowed to install LimeWire here...that's understandable. I didn't know at the time I installed it so I quickly made a meelee and uninstalled it while the counselors weren't looking. But then the next day I found the LimeWire file still there (and I think I know who installed it). I said out loud, "Who the hell installed - " and here a barrage of comments came out that they SAW me install it and that I'm a...(fill in the blank). So I couldn't squeeze in the comment that I did uninstall it and chances are they didn't even hear me.

Being a woman, whenever I get mad, I lose all sense of logic and reason and start screaming and cursing a lot, so that's exactly what happened. It didn't help.

I'd better stop blogging before I start printing unworthy cuss words over the blog and get myself banned.

So while you wait for my next post to come on with the couple stuff I promised, why don't you watch this. (Once the video stops working, comment so I can take it down.)

This is really funny, in my opinion. Who DOESN'T want to learn English while doing aerobics?

And by the way, my friend MingaKatara has FINALLY posted something on! Check out her profile here!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

How do I put up with it?

I've been asked how I put up with people that write fics "on the other side of the 'shipping war". Well, see, I don't have to, strictly, put up with them, seeing as I'm fine with other people having other opinions. See, I will only read a fic with another couple IF:

1. It gives a feeling of love and comfort together as a family (CherryGirlUK does a wonderful job with this).
2. It doesn't do more than minorly bash the opposing character (for instance, a Daikari fan slightly bashing Takeru is fine as long as they don't start killing Takeru or moving him to France or make him bent on killing Hikari).
3. The author does not have a history of screaming, shouting, cursing, or spamming someone else just because their couple opinions are different (i.e. flaming).

Anyway, on with the couple ideals...


Major episode for fans: Episode 51 of Adventure
Why: Matt saves Sora from darkness
Major episode for me: Episode 38 and episode 45 of Adventure 02 (an unseen flashback appears in 45), where Matt saves Sora from falling debris (not far off from "darkness" XP)
Yes or no? Yes


Major episode for fans: Ironically, episode 38 of Adventure 02
Why: Sora "shows" her feelings for Tai
Major episode for me: Episode 20 of Adventure (Saban was stupid. Sora does NOT admit her feelings to Tai. She instead tells him that she likes Matt. E20 of Ad. is better because he saves her life.)
Yes or no? No
Why? Tai likes Sora and Sora likes him back but Sora seems to like Matt Matt and Sora got married for God's sake


Major episode for fans: there even one? ^.^ Probably episode 2 of Adventure
Why: Minor thing here, Matt says "forget it" when T.K. asks if Mimi is cute (dub only! dub only!) and later, in episode 7 of Adventure 02, Matt had a phone call with Mimi (once again, dub only! dub only!)
Major episode for me: (blanks out)
Yes or no? No
Why? Someone tell me how they even came up with this one


Major episode for fans: Episode 35 of Adventure
Why: Tai seems rather desperate to get Mimi back...?
Major episode for me: Same as above
Yes or no? No
Why: Someone tell me how they came up with this one right after you finish with Mimato


Major episode for fans: Episode 38 of Adventure
Why: Tai and Matt hold hands...
Major episode for me: Same as above
Yes or no? No
Why? Not really a fan of yaoi

...I'll be back with the last popular ones I can think of.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Sent from my T-Mobile Sidekick®

Final decision. No going back.

I am deleting ALL files of my AU fics because they're all LAME and I'm just going to take the S.E. Hinton way.

So don't ever expect them.

Meanwhile, I think I might have caught onto something for Adventure 03. Just might. So I better have an idea by Sunday.


I've decided that now on, I'm going to post up arguments on why/why not a couple is valid to me, so you know where I come from. I'm only doing a few a day.

Starting with...


Major episode for fans: Episode 1 of Adventure 02
Why: Davis is willing to fight after Kari gets hurt
Major episode for me: Same as above
Yes or no? No
Why? Kari never shows feelings for Davis


Major episode for fans: Episode 13 of Adventure 02
Why: Lots of Takari lovey-dovey
Major episode for me: Hard decision. Probably episode 7 of Adventure 02, Guardian Angel. Ep 13 was ruined by Saban and actually had more Kari/Tai sibling love than Takari.
Yes or no? Yes

Major episode for fans: Episode 31 of Adventure 02
Why: Reveals lots of connections between Ken and Kari
Major episode for me: Same as above
Yes or no? No
Why? They never show feelings

...tomorrow I'll be back with tension involving Matt and Sora.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Worst. Day. Ever.

I'm getting even more unsure over whether I should post it as my chapters are getting lamer and lamer and maybe I should force myself to write one page of Adventure 03 a day (that's how S.E. Hinton got over her writer's block and eventually wrote The Outsiders).


Sunday, July 20, 2008


As I write the AUs, I start realizing that they're not as good as I would like them to be. They're more cheesy, lovey, and fast-paced. And way too obvious.

So now I'm wondering whether I should actually post them on or just write them for myself to assuage my writer's block.

Tell you what, I actually do need to post it in order to inform the world that I still exist.

That was easy. *smacks self on head*

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why am I up so late?

...because it's either using the computer or watching Casino Royale. And I would prefer using the computer.

I was happily writing my AU, trying to think up ideas for Adventure 03 at the same time, when suddenly it hit me: My AU wasn't strictly medieval anymore. It centered around one of those tribes you generally find in medieval RPG games (I used to play RuneScape before it hit me: "What the ****ing hell am I doing?"). They were sort of a warrior tribe with a touch of medieval (swordsman, bowman, even Iori is a kendo artist) and the regular medieval comes in later chapters. So actually, it's not medieval, but it is more like medieval-ish AU. (I'm going to be copy-pasting this into the actual chapter, you know.)

And to make up for the fact that this is an alternate universe, I'm using all the Japanese names and terms (Yagami Hikari instead of Kari Kamiya, Inoue Miyako instead of Miyako Inoue, Kido Jou instead of Joe Kido).

There's also a lot more relationship angst than there is in Adventure/02, and even 03 (and remember, there is a LOT of relationship angst in 03). So I might be accused of making characters OOC, but this is what they may be like if there weren't any evil Digimon interfering.

And yes, there is a princess, although I'm not revealing who.

Nina/Willis/Jaya/Ryo make no appearances as they Nina and Jaya are OCs and Willis and Ryo make only cameos.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Interesting proposition...

I hate to admit it, but...

(drum roll)

I have writer's block.

I'm sorry, but I do have the accursed writer's block, and I probably won't be able to update Adventure 03 next week like I'm supposed to. Don't worry, I will finish it...eventually.

Stop hitting me, Charles.

Ria's progress on the MR fic is still going bad because she can't get her thoughts together to finish a fic, which is weird because she read books 1-4 and is trying to get a copy of the manga and will watch the movie when it comes out. You would've thought James Patterson would have replied to my comments by now.

To take care of my writer's block (thankfully it's only an Adventure 03 thing), I'm going to concentrate on those medieval AUs that are getting really popular now. I'm not a fan of AU, but maybe a four-chapter anthology (I'm really obsessed with those things, huh?) would work. It's got to be medieval. But this has a higher chance of discontinuation than my other fics, so I'll start working on the couples that are the most important to me.

Don't get me wrong, I do like all the couples, but I do prefer some over others and I'll be sure to get to those first.

The way that this anthology will differ from my other ones is that they all take place in the same AU, rather than differing ones. And don't worry, I will include the Digimon unlike other medieval fics that center solely on the characters themselves.

Got it done!

I have now received permission to upload stories, so I'm fine now!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Status on Adventure 03

I'm almost done with chapter 24 and with luck I MIGHT just be able to get it in.

It's hard to believe I'm almost halfway through. Charles will kill me if I don't finish, so I'm forced into finishing it anyway. Otherwise, I might have just released another chapter announcing that I'm discontinuing, along with a synopsis of the rest of the plot.

I do have the whole plot mapped out, so I'm not making it up as I go - it's just the details of all my fics are hard to put together and occasionally I get writer's block.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wedding Peach fic?

You're probably asking, "How come you put up a Wedding Peach fic when you said you can't?"

I just managed to copy-paste this whole thing and get it posted up between classes. I'm very lucky. Chances are Adventure 03 won't get up between classes, but it might vary. I might, might just get it, but don't get your hopes up.

In the meantime, I am concentrating on the next few chapters. Don't worry, I will eventually finish it.


Class starts in five minutes and I'm really excited.

I finished a fanfic at 12:00 PM last was the Wedding Peach oneshot I talked about. It's not that good, but I was really groggy when I did it. But I'm not going to rewrite it.

From now on, I will be concentrating all my efforts on Adventure 03, Continuation, and possibly Percy Jackson, because it's not likely that Uglies will ever come up on, and I'm probably not going to do a fanfic for that even if it does. I'm also canceling all deviantART plans.

I'm sorry to all of the people's hopes I've dashed, but I simply don't have time.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Camp is really cool

I'm being really negligent right now - I'm not working on Adventure 03 like I should, but on the oneshot I'm doing for Wedding Peach. However, since it's a oneshot I'll be finished soon and so I'll work on Adventure 03 afterwards.

Computer camp is really cool right now - I'm learning Java and Robotics. I've learned so far: Flash programming, basic robotics, intermediate robotics, video editing, and HTML. Plus, I know a little bit of minor hacking (minor I say).

I miss all of my friends right now, but I guess I'm going to have to cope with it the next three weeks. I'll keep you posted.

It is 3:13 PM in California...

...and I am exhausted! Details after I take my nap. I didn't get enough sleep in the plane.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Going to Camp

I'm going to California!!!!!

Yes, I'm going to summer camp, computer programming to be exact (so I can hack into DVDs and get my precious little files). I have my trusty iPod with me, with complete episodes of Digimon Adventure/02 and Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach, as well as a reasonable collection of songs (which will become more reasonable once I get an iPod touch...hurry up Mom and Dad!),

I also have my phone, which is capable of creating "notes" on the road so I can write my fics on the plane, but doesn't accept them as files so I have to email them to myself and post them up once I get home. The camp doesn't let me bring my own computer. Retarded. It's a freaking COMPUTER CAMP.

I will have access to internet through my phone so I will most definitely post up stuff on this blog, but no deviations or fanfics. I'm sorry to all.

Plus while I was watching Wedding Peach, inspiration came up to me via oneshot, an unsolved mystery left behind. I won't tell anyone, it'll be a surprise, but I can tell you it will be an AU (the only thing that makes it an AU will be that it disregards DX, as I seriously hate it, but otherwise it's pretty canon). I'm seriously addicted to anime now.

Plus, I'm starting to learn a lot of Japanese, not that it'll help me once I get to camp. Unless I meet a really nice Japanese person.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach

I had recently downloaded every single episode from Adventure/02 of Digimon, and now I'm working on a new project: downloading every episode of Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach (Wedding Peach for short), besides DX. (Read below to see why.)

Wedding Peach is a little easier for me to get, because:

1. There are only 51 episodes, whereas there were 104 in Adventure/02 combined.
2. I'm using VeohTV instead of Megaupload, so I don't have to wait 25 seconds, and I can download 4 at once instead of one at a freaking time.

But there's still the grueling process of converting every file from .avi to .mp4, so that iTunes will accept it. I want to have these on my iPod.

For those who want to know, I have an iPod 4th generation video, but soon I'm going to be getting an iPod touch. My problem is that Wedding Peach is hard to get in English (unless you want to download them in three parts), so I have to do Japanese with subtitles, and chances are they won't show up properly on a 4th gen screen. They wll show up properly on a touch, however. I'm sure of it.

The plot is about 12-year-old Hanasaki Momoko, who finds out she is the legendary angel Wedding Peach, chosen by angel soldier Limone to do work for Aphrodite. ("Tenshi" in Japanese means "angel", hence the name.) The akuma race, or the devils, are trying to promote a message of hate. The angels (namely Momoko and her two friends Yuri and Hinagiku) are involved in a battle between tenshi and akuma to make sure that love is still alive in this world.

So Momoko takes on the alter identity of Wedding Peach, while Yuri and Hinagiku become angels Lily and Daisy. Together with Limone they embroil themselves in this war, in the meantine falling in love themselves...

Commonly called a Sailor Moon clone, this is only because of a very unflattering article written by a reviewer who hadn't watched a single episode. She had just read some stupid information article. Therefore, it's why I hate Sailor Moon (it's unremarkably lame) and like Wedding Peach (okay, it's lame too, but at least the subtitles make it sound better).

I don't like DX because I hate the concept of "wiping the memories", considering how you would have thought Yanagiba had gone through enough memory loss through the last couple episodes, and I don't like the new Love Angels' uniforms (I thought it had been already established that angels can fly without wings). Therefore, if I make any fanfics on Wedding Peach (chances are I won't, it's so hard to do that), I'm going to be completely disregarding DX. And the background behind it. Because that's how I do things.

Interesting things about Wedding Peach:

Momoko's alter ego is "Wedding Peach", and in Japanese, "momo" means peach, a parallel between Momoko's two sides.

(spoiler alert!) And as soon as I saw the clip of Hinagiku being childhood friends with Takuro, I thought, "Well, Momoko can have Yousuke, Hinagiku can have Takuro, and Yuri can have Yanagiba, and there won't be any more fighting." Boy, I wasn't far off the mark. But what I didn't expect was for Limone to be Yanagiba. A little weird personally.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Website problems

Am I 15 or 16?

There are many inconsistencies in my site. Sometimes it says I'm 16 and sometimes 15. This leads to lots of people telling me that I'm lying about my age.

The answer: I turned 16 on June 25. It was hard to get to every single one of my freaking pages and change that, and I still haven't finished. I'll get it all done as soon as possible.

Adventure 03 still has a love/hate relationship with other people. I understand - the plot flow is...well, there is no plot flow. It sucks that way.

I do have a map outlined for what will happen until ep 50, so I do have things planned out. I don't do things spontaneously, you know.

I might have a 3-week layover in the middle of July as I am taking computer camp, but I will be writing fics (although I can't post 'em) and I will post maybe 3 chapters at once afterwards. However, if I am lucky I might be able to post at camp...but it might require a phone system, a USB port, and a bunch of rushing (things aren't easy when you can't take a laptop to a freaking computer camp). So don't think just because I post in this blog means I can post fics.

That's about it. Remember, I detest flaming and accept constructive criticism. And lots of people are telling me I'm lying about the GoogleFight thing on my profile, but I'm not. I guess things have changed since I checked (it was almost a year ago). And why are people insulting me because I don't like YAOI? I don't. It's my opinion, and yet people don't want me to have it.

I'm really talking too much...

Friday, July 4, 2008

A not exactly average life, now

I'm trying to hack into my phone so it allows me to post "notes" as fanfic chapters, as that would ease a lot of time. A lot. And unfortunately, my computer has blown up AGAIN, leaving me with a redone computer with no Microsoft Office. (Here, the quote on OpenOffice on my "RainbowSprinkle's Life" fanfics page comes to get me. Yes, I have downloaded OpenOffice.) However, for my birthday, and since I can't be a freaking JUNIOR without a laptop, my parents are getting me a Mac with special software so I can copy an image from a current Windows XP (probably my parent's computer) and use that in the Boot Camp program. (Don't know what that is? I didn't know either, until I researched it. It's software that lets you run XP on a Mac. Loooooooove...)

Now I don't care about having Vista anymore. I never wanted Vista, just the looks, but to me Mac OS X looks cool enough. I love Mac, and I actually know how to use it, since in my first-grade years my elementary school only had Macs.

The only problem was, it was Mac OS 9, which means I'm really going to have a problem working Leopard.

Meanwhile, I am trying to work on my Minesweeper score, highest 146 seconds, but I will never beat J.K. Rowling in 98 seconds. Ever. (Yes, I am aware of the xyzzy cheat, but it only makes me slower, and I am utilizing the click-with-both-sides to get 146.) The worst part is sometimes I am forced to guess when there's two squares left, and I blow up. WHEN THERE WERE TWO SQUARES LEFT.

Also, recently another Takeru has entered my own life: this guy.

I rarely ever watched the hot dog eating contest, as I felt it had no relevance to my life, but honestly, this is the epitome of how Japan rules. I'm not Japanese, but I love Japan.

Plus he's really cute, just not in that picture.